London speedy girls’ trip

IMG_1813How do a mum and tween spend 24 hours in London without shopping? Like this:

  1. Pack 2 books, 1 toothbrush (oops), 2 changes of clothes and some hastily assembled toiletries
  2. Train it across the country and tube it to Southwark
  3. Check in at the very swanky Hilton Bankside
  4. Whizz to Ping Pong Dim Sum at the Royal Festival Hall for delicious dim sum, gorgeous lemonade with strawberry jus and general ear wigging of conversations at (v close) neighbouring tables – tweens are so unsubtle at this!
  5. Nip to the National Theatre for slightly confusingly set As You Like It
  6. Breakfast in bed (pancakes and waffles oh my)
  7. Pop to the Tate Modern for a dash of modern art (see pic for often unimpressed tween!)
  8. Walk along the river past all sorts of serendipitous sights – The Golden Hinde, The Globe (now on the list for next time), Millennium Bridge, HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge
  9. Get lost a bitIMG_1795
  10. Finally find the Fashion Museum and discover everything to know about Liberty surrounded by gaggles of trendies
  11. Track the Shard (lacking navigational confidence so this feels easy) for too fast lift up to floor 32 for juice and fashion top trumps in the view licious bar

(Mostly this went swimmingly. May draw a veil here over the muddle  with return train tickets resulting in 3 hours at Paddington station with not even Yo Sushi to console or nourish us)

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